Robotics For More Targeted Care, Everywhere

Introducing IGAR, the world's first and only robot FDA 510(k)-cleared for use inside an MRI

Our robotics are designed to work inside an MRI bore. The MRI suite is among the most challenging of hospital environments because the device uses strong magnetic fields and has a confined working area for physicians.

IGAR, our first robotics system, can be mounted on an MRI table and has potential applications for biopsy, therapy delivery or device placement. We're developing robotics for more targeted care everywhere.

IGAR is not currently cleared as a medical device for sale by Health Canada.

When accuracy and precision matter most

We're witnessing a new future for MRI. Technological advances in imaging, robotics and AI are making new clinical scenarios possible, making MRI more accessible for patients, radiologists and new non-radiologist users. Combined, these three areas have the potential to open greater patient access to MRI.

New MRI scanners are cheaper, smaller, and run faster scans

Portable MRI scanners offer greater clinical flexibility

Our MRI-compatible robotics can be used in-bore

With MRI-guided procedures, see, measure and adapt treatmentwhile it happens

AI tools offer better image quality and stronger interpretation aids

AI functionality may also reduce scan times, an efficiency that benefits patients

Best-in-class MRI-compatible robotics

The IGAR technology platform may be adapted for future products that could move seamlessly across different care environments, such as from an MRI to a standard operating room or into a physician’s office.

The system has been validated in the MRI environment and demonstrated in clinical studies.

Recent News

IGAR's successful FDA 510(k) clearance attracts Medtech media coverage

On September 12, we announced that our IGAR robotics system has secured a successful 501(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 

Coverage of our announcement has appeared across the Medtech media landscape, including articles in Fierce Biotech, +Mass Device, Aunt Minnie, and other notable publications. 

Insight Medbotics' IGAR robotic system announced a successful FDA 510(k) clearance, attracting coverage from the medtech media industry

Insight Medbotics Announces World’s First FDA-Cleared, MRI-Compatible Robot

The IGAR system is the first and only robotic guidance and placement system cleared to work inside an MRI bore, one of the most challenging hospital environments. 

Insight Medbotics has secured a successful 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the IGAR system. The clearance applies to breast biopsy indications. 

Spring Round-Up: MaRS Health Impact and MPO coverage

It’s been a busy spring at Insight Medbotics. We announced Fazila Seker as our new CEO and Holly Johnson’s appointment to the Board of Directors. Here are the other activities that kept us busy in Q2. CEO

Fazila Seker spoke at MaRS Impact Health on Thursday, May 4, 2023. Fazila discussed the company’s vision for an integrated MRI-robotics solution, covering some of the traditional challenges in the marketplace and how recent tech advances may make MRI imaging more flexible and affordable.

Insight Medbotics names Holly Johnson to Board of Directors

Insight Medbotics, a medical device company combining the accuracy of MRI with the precision of robotics, is pleased to announce that Holly Johnson has joined the company’s Board of Directors.

Insight Medbotics develops MRI-guided robotics to bring together the insights only MRI can provide with the minimally invasive access and precision of robotics. 

Interested in a conversation?

Insight Medbotics is actively developing partnerships with companies in the AI software or accessible MRI spaces, along with therapy providers who would benefit from targeted, precision delivery.